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A comfortable living environment is important to the modern family. Our extensive range of residential air conditioners offer great value and deliver optimum heating or cooling.

Split Type Air Conditioning Systems
1. Midwall Spilt Units
Split type air conditioning units are extremely popular for your home or office, offering easy installation and a modern and stylish appearance. There is a separate indoor unit which is mounted inside the room and the outdoor unit (condenser) is installed on the outside wall, resulting in an air conditioning unit that is extremely quiet when operating and causing minimal noise.

Features of a split type air conditioning unit:

  • Quick and easy duct free installation
  • Modern, stylish and quiet
  • Individual room temperature control
  • Air quality improvement
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide range of unit choices to suit your budget
  • Inverter technology, offering you a 30% reduction in your energy costs.

2. Ceiling Cassette Units
Easily heat and cool your home or office by saving on space with a ceiling mounted cassette air conditioning unit. These systems are ideal for any property where limited space is a consideration. The ceiling cassette unit fits snuggly into your ceiling with no need for wall mounts or extensive duct systems, making them almost invisible. This makes them a discreet and compact alternative to traditional split type and ducted air conditioning systems. The compressor unit can be mounted up to 50m away from the ceiling cassette unit, providing quiet operation.

Features of a ceiling cassette air conditioning unit:

  • Ceiling mounted, no wall unit required
  • Extremely discreet and compact design
  • Ceiling fan air distribution
  • Quiet operation
  • Provides both cooling and heating options

3. Under Ceiling Units
Under ceiling air conditioners can be suspended under the ceiling simply and easily. The automatic swing flow mode enables the airflow to reach all areas of the room to create a comfortable ambience.

Features of a under ceiling air conditioning unit

  • Compact and elegant design
  • Adjustable louvres assure easy diffusion of air throughout entire room
  • Easy installation


4. Ducted Units
Ducted air conditioning systems provide discreet air conditioned comfort through your entire home. Ducted air conditioners consist of an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is concealed out of sight and only the vents will be visible throughout your home. The outdoor unit will be positioned in a discreet location.

Features of a ducted air conditioning system

  • Visually less intrusive
  • Heating and cooling throughout your home


VRV Air Conditioning Systems
Variable Refrigerant Volume systems are high-end type systems. Not only can they be connected to five indoor units off one condenser as per the multi split air conditioning units, but they can go up to 64. This option is great when heating or cooling large houses and the longer pipe runs allow for the condensing unit to be positioned far away from the house, making it hidden from sight. These systems also allow for multiple styles of indoor units, allowing you to choose the indoor unit’s design and functionality, that suits your needs. In addition to this, VRV systems allow for simultaneous heating and cooling, as well as hot water generation with hydrobox technology. Very high energy efficiencies are achieved with this type of system.

Features of a VRF air conditioning system

  • Up to 64 indoor units connected to one outsider condenser unit.
  • Energy Efficient
  • Multiple styles of indoor units
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling options in various rooms

Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems
Now this is where air conditioning starts getting “clever”. With just a single outdoor unit, one can connect up to five indoor units. Not only can multiple indoor units be connected, but one can even have a variety of types of indoor units. So one could have a wall mount in your lounge and have ducted types in the bedrooms. This solution is also a little-known method of comfort cooling but it is highly versatile and cost effective as it runs with just one condensing unit. There are limitations to this type of system, but ask an Airvent sales representative to run through the options and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Features of a multi split air conditioning system

  • Each unit operated independently
  • Easy installation
  • Choose individual style and performance for any space
  • Heating and cooling

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