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How Air Conditioning can benefit you in your home or office

Airvent offers a wide variety of air conditioning systems to suit your needs. Air conditioners have become part of our daily lives, providing comfort in our homes, in shops, restaurants, offices and hotels. Air conditioning generates that pleasant feeling associated with an atmosphere that is close to the ideal. Here is what we consider to be your top benefits of installing an air conditioning system.

Airvent Airconditioning & Ventilation

1. Air conditioning and the environment
Air conditioning systems provide a significant level of indoor comfort, making possible optimum working and living conditions in the most extreme climates. In recent years, motivated by a global awareness of the need to reduce the burdens on the environment, some manufacturers have invested enormous efforts in limiting the negative effects associated with the production and the operation of air conditioners. Hence, models with energy saving features and improved eco-production techniques have seen the light of day, making a significant contribution to limiting the impact on the environment.

2. Controllable comfort

  • Residential
    Today’s residential air conditioning systems allow you to enjoy your perfect indoor temperature in any of the rooms within your home.
    Bedrooms can be kept cool and comfortable throughout the warmest of summer nights, allowing you and your family to fall peacefully to sleep. Residential air conditioning systems can heat as well as cool, allowing a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.
  • Commercial and Industrial
    The ergonomics and aesthetics of a working environment are often critical factors in the success and productivity of the average office. A major aspect of creating a comfortable and healthy working environment is ambient office temperature, something that can be easily achieved with the appropriate office air conditioning system.

3. Eco Friendly
We use refrigerant gas (R410a) that does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer

4. Reduction in humidity
In addition to providing accurate temperature control, air conditioning systems also reduce the humidity. Most systems have a dedicated ‘dry’ mode, where humidity can be reduced without over-cooling the room. Ideal for homes and offices in damp locations!

5. Silent operation
Air conditioners are much quieter than conventional table-top or pedestal fans, ensuring an ultimate level of comfort. In our extensive range, we offer indoor units that are whisper quiet.

6. Banish nuisance insects
With air conditioning installed, doors and windows can be kept closed keeping out those nuisance insects that keep you awake and bite in the night!

7. Eliminate external noise pollution
Being able to keep doors and windows closed also keeps out the noise.

8. Improved security at home
The ability to keep doors and windows closed in the summer also improves the security of your home and office. Enjoy a safe and secure environment!

9. Improved air quality
Air conditioners feature effective, air-purifying filtration systems to reduce bacteria, dust, house mites, pet fur and pollen, particularly benefiting those who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

10. Reduction of energy bills
Inverter technology is used to continuously regulate the indoor temperature, which results in a 30% reduction in your energy costs!

Airvent Airconditioning & Ventilation: Inverter technology
Airvent Airconditioning & Ventilation air con

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